“September 2012 News Events” Memes

By | December 2, 2012

Let’s take a walk down memory lane from this september 2012.

First of all, we all remember when Kate Middleton first started being deleted from our history. I’m talking about her topless photos. Lucky for us, her bottomless photos were in the mail at this point.

Kate middleton topless photo meme 2012 magazine french

And how about the new Apple iOS6 Maps controversy when they stopped using Google Maps.

iOS 6 maps Meme joke 2012 apple iphone google maps application designers funny

What about that time when Kathy Griffin didn’t wear make-up? I would have never guessed her real age.

kathy griffin face meme old no makeup blood drains from head 2012 age

There’s only one thing I need to say about this. Gangnam Style.

Gangnam style dance funny meme joke 2012 youtube

What about that time where replacement referees escaped the local intramural league into the NFL? That was pretty hard to watch.


Nfl replacement referres bad 2012 Meme joke


And we have that time Paula Deen released her blooper reel with her cursing in it. Changed the entire Food Network game plan.Paula Deen Blooper Reel Meme Foul Language Upset


Found on Reddit, the stingray photobomb meme. The stingray photo bomb.

Stingray Phtotobomb Meme Funny - From Reddit

Then we have Arnold Schwarzenegger revealing his affair with Brigitte Nielsen.Arnold Schwarzenegger cheating scandal Brigitte Nielsen 2012 Meme

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